What does Balls out MX stand for?

Most people when they think of the term Balls out automatically relate it to something that is of sexual connotation. We at Balls out MX and www.ballsoutmx.com would like it to be known that this term is not sexual at all!

How it works is this:

What you see is a rendition of the original steam governor that was used in the steam engine patented in 1769 by James Watt.

How it works is this: While the engine is not running or is running slowly, the balls hang in the down position. As the steam engine begins running, the governor is forced to spin by the steam generated. As more steam pressure causes the governor to spin, the balls get forced to the outside by steam pressure and centrifugal force.

When the balls are all the way out, the engine is running at full throttle, which is also known today as “full steam”, “wide open”, “floored”, “full bore” and low and behold, “BALLS OUT.”

To this day, we can thank our great friend James Watt for inventing the steam governor which gives Balls out MX its name today!

Then and Now

In our heyday, we were riding non-stop and continuing the ridiculous antics and things we got into.  We had incredible experiences and built a strong community of friends and family, all of which still remain today!

Today, we are all gainfully employed members of society.  Some still ride occasionally and some of us don’t even have bikes anymore and a bunch of us have kids, wives and have families of our own!  Who knows if we’ll get back on bikes and race again, but one thing we do know is Team Balls Out still lives on in our hearts.  We may even pass the tradition on to our kids as time goes on!